Test, business & networking

A B2B event under the banner of sharing/communion

The Outdoor & Running Business Days – the number one B2B event for the Italian outdoor and running market – have grown, year after year, thanks to a perfect mix of presentations, previews, product testing and workshops. All in a strategic and exclusive location: the fairgrounds of Riva del Garda, a multifunctional space located in the scenic setting of Alto Garda Trentino. The expansive indoor and outdoor areas of the fairgrounds ensure the perfect management of the various moments of business, activities and relax. The varied conformation of the area makes it possible to experience all the main outdoor activities, including running, trail running, trekking and climbing.

For brands

For the brands, it’s an important moment to consolidate and build loyal business relationsip with their stores, but also to include new ones within their distribution network.

For stores

For the stores, on the other hand, it’s an important opportunity to learn about about new products and test them on the field, aswell as meeting directly with company representatives.

For all

For both of them, it’s the chance to feel part of the same community, that together look ahead towards the future with optimism and the desire to share the same passion.