Polartec, once again, is main partner

Polartec, once again, is main partner

Polartec once again will be side by side with Outdoor & Running Business Days, in a partnership that is getting stronger and stronger, under the banner of mutual trust.

During the event on July 9 and 10 in Riva del Garda, the American brand will provide clothing for the staff that will consist of 66 North vests made of Polartec Alpha, as well as 66 North T-shirts made of Polartec Delta with Fresh Face treatment, bio- based anti-odor resulting from organic mint extract.









In addition, the brand will have dedicated visibility both at the fair and in the scenic and atmospheric location of the Spiaggia degli Olivi, where the long-awaited evening party will be held, with food, drinks & music.

But it doesn’t end here! In the welcome gift Polartec will give to all the partecipants a headband made of Polartec Power Dry. During the days of the fair, a photo booth will be available at the stand dedicated to the brand, where it will be possible to take fun photos, alone or in groups, to post on social networks. An opportunity to receive by e-mail a unique souvenir of your experience at ORBDays, accompanied also by several surprises proposed by Polartec.


In this post covid year we have talked a lot with our target brands. What has emerged, almost unequivocally, is the need to prioritize sell-out support. Polartec comes to Outdoor & Running Business Days with the goal of providing the tools the retailer needs to be able to make an impact in the upcoming selling seasons. In this, the Riva del Garda event represents an excellent showcase and opportunity to convey the knowledge and value of  Polartec, strengthening relationships with major retailers in Italy and beyond.
Alessandro Perseo, VP Global Marketing Polartec