ORBDays: MagNet’s responsible commitment

ORBDays: MagNet’s responsible commitment

Missing just over two months at the ORBDays, MagNet’s journey towards the calculation, the reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions of the event continues. The goal is making Riva del Garda a unique experience for every participant, while managing in the most conscious way its environmental impact.

A conscious approach

Travels, single-use plastics, electricity, catering: if it’s clearly impossible to reduce to zero some event’s carbon footprint, its conscious and mindful management is the key for moving toward a sustainable approach on the long term.

For these reasons, for several years MagNet has been engaged in a business path which aims to solidify and strengthen its activities in the environmental sustainability field.

Benefit Corporation since 2020 and part of the UN Global Compact since 2021, the Milanese group became a B-Corp in 2022. The values that guided this path resonates in the will to put sustainability and well-being at the heart of its production and working processes, and to spread a more advanced economic paradigm.

The companies of the future, after all, are the ones that regenerate society, making a fair profit with no negative impact on people, animals and environment.

Calculate, reduce, compensate

Thanks to Climate Partner’s support – the company will be present at the ORBDaysMagNet started the calculation, reduction and compensation process of Co2 emissions caused by the event.
After calculating the quantity of Co2 emitted thanks to a process certified by Climate Partner, the first step is reduction. That means individuate and eliminate emissions that are not fundamental and that can be avoided. Compensation process is important, but the first goal remains reduction.

Co2 that can’t be avoided will be compensated. MagNet chose renewable energy between the several social and environmental projects that Climate Partner proposes. The project’s goal is to improve electricity quality and availability in Yagdir, India, using wind turbines.