Climate Partner teams with ORBDays 2023

Climate Partner teams with ORBDays 2023

Climate Partner proposes solutions that help companies develop carbon neutral products and services ranging in various sectors, for instance from cosmetics to packaging, through printed products and events such as ORBDays 2023.

As the event’s climate partner, it will calculate the festival’s carbon footprint and compensate its emissions through purchase of certified carbon credits.

Born in Munich in 2006, the company’s primary ambition relies in helping our clients protect the climate in an effective, responsible and convincing way, aiming at improving life conditions throughout the world by reducing polluting emissions. Both in present and future times.

In the present because Climate Partner supports environmental safeguard projects; in the future because the company works in order to make life worth living on the Earth.

Climate Partner’s activities help companies reach environmental responsibiliy goals. Indeed, thanks to climate protection certified projects, companies can compensate their emissions and, consequently, make their products, services or the whole business carbon neutral.

In this way, companies take direct responsibility for their emissions and are able to engage in environmentally committed choices. Their brand can therefore be perceived as responsible, whereas the offer gains in interest within the groups most committed to the environmental issues.

Five climate protection phases

Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

Climate Partner calculates the company’s carbon footpring basing on international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The CCF lay the basis for CO2 reduction and single product’s CO2 certificates.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

The Product Carbon Footprint, that is the product’s CO2 ID, is also calculated with internationally recognised standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. It refers to the product’s whole life cycle.

CO2 reduction

Starting from the company’s CO2 analysis, Climate Partner can understand where the major saving potential can be found. Together with the company, it defines adequate measures and integrates them in an environmental protection strategy.

CO2 compensation

As much as the effort in reducing greenhouse gases can be, there will always be an amount of residual emission. They can be compensated by supporting a climate protection certified project.

Committment communication

Climate Partner’s marketing basis is the label with identification number. Moreover, the company helps to adequately position the clients’ effort, through use of texts and images of climate protection projects, appointed marketing sets, booklets and printing materials.